Interesting Things

When travelling around there are often interesting and funny things you see along the way.

It might be a funny sign, an old building, a creative letter box, a town statue just to name a few.

I will share some of the interesting things I come across when I am out and about. 

things you see

The first two photos are of something that looked like some type of large scale which is no longer used and is just out in the yard now.

The other photos were on the wall of a bakery which in a previous life was a Post Office. The old postage stamp machines were left in the wall and reminded me of the days when you could buy a postage stamp from a machine instead of going into the Post Office. Does anyone remember these old stamp machines?

I welcome everyone to share some of the interesting things you have seen on your travels.

If you have an interesting photo you would like to share on this page contact me through the feedback page.


  • robyn says:


    As you travel around Australia there are some opportunities to get involved and do some volunteering. The Outback Hospitality website has a page about Volunteering in the Outback and links to some organisations.
    For all the information visit

    • Born: 1940
    • Location: Born in the Forties
  • robyn says:

    An interesting website with lots of information for grey nomads or anyone considering an adventure on the road is The Grey Nomads website.
    You will find it at

    There are stories from travellers, help wanted, housesitting and volunteering ads just to name a few. A list of events coming up, places to see and information about your rig.
    This is just a little of what you will find when you visit The Grey Nomads website.

    • Born: 1940
    • Location: Born in the Forties


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