Clothes We Wore

Memories of Fashions from 1960s.

I enjoyed looking through this Australian Home Journal magazine from February 1964 which I found recently in an Opportunity Shop.

The pictures are a great look at the latest fashions from 1960s.

I hope you enjoy them and they bring back some memories.




I would love to hear your memories of the latest fashions, clothes you wore and favourites that you loved to wear. Remember when ladies wore a hat and gloves to go out, a gentleman wore a hat, little girls wore an apron over their dress and boys loved wearing a cowboy outfit.

Post a comment with your memories.


  • Sheila says:

    Yes I remember Deanna Durbins beautiful voice. In my teens I loved Nelson Eddy and Jeanette MacDonald. My friend Blondie and I went to see their movies over and over again, We also tried smoking, you could buy two Woodbines and matches from a machine in those days does anyone remember it?

    • Born: 1927
    • Location: Yorkshire England
  • Denise Miel says:

    Christmas Day at Nana’s house meant lots to eat & lots of fun with my cousins. Don’t recall any decorations or even a Christmas tree but The cousins all stuck together & had adventures up the back in the chookyard or stealing flowers from a particularly cranky neighbour. Remember having to wait for the dozen or so adults to use the outdoor toilet & thinking I would have an accident. It was always one of the best days of the year!

    • Born: 1945
    • Location: Sydney
  • robyn says:

    I found an advertisement from 1957 for a Home to build on your own land. It was a weatherboard cottage for 2445 pounds finance available with 200 pound deposit, repayments 75/- weekly and 5 p.c. interest. It was a spacious 2 bedroom house and included Hot water service, fibrous plaster, tiled roof and complete painting. The floor plan did not look big as it had 2 bedrooms, living room, kitchen, bathroom and laundry but it did not look to have an indoor toilet. It would have been very typical of that era.

    • Born: 1940
    • Location: Born in the Forties
  • Maureen Donnellon says:

    Lived in teacher housing with brown Lino, our own carpet squares, minimum cupboards and always a rusty rain water tank. Listened to the serials and all Top 20, Top 40 music. Played with paper cut out dolls and made lots of clothes for them. Mine was Natalie Wood and my sister’s was Sandra Dee. Went to all the Elvis movies and Saturday matinees which featured cowboy serials too. Knitted jumpers and twin sets, sewed own skirts and dresses, played tennis and board games and rode my bike to get messages for mum. All home cooked meals, cakes and biscuits. Hated sharing the bath water and we always had back yard toilet with the sunny man coming every Monday. Learned to play the piano, was in the church choir and most of our hymns were Latin. Wore hats, gloves to Mass every Sunday, then listened to all the pop songs on the wireless. Didn’t have a t.v for years after they were invented but used to sit outside the electrical shop on Fridays to watch it and hired one while on annual holidays at the beach. Washed the dishes, kept the wood box full and the wood stove going. Remember our first record player and 2 LP’s The Sound of Music and My Fair a Lady. Soon knew every word of those songs. Benediction at the church every Sunday night. Sunday roast lamb and hand shelled green peas.

    • Born: 1947
    • Location: Birchip, Vic. Australia
    • heino ehlers says:

      hi Maureen,
      I had to laugh at some of the things you said, but you had fun it was great to read you letter and it is always good to think of the olden day as they where good day’s? I started work at 13.5y and stopped at 70y so like most in my time we worked till then cause that is all we knew.
      it was great to read your letter PLEASE keep it up.

      • Born: 1942
      • Location: born in germany grew up in australia
  • Sheila says:

    I was born in England now live in Springwood been in Australia 55years .so my early memories are all from the (old country) as above.

    • Born: 1927
    • Location: Springwood
  • Sheila says:

    We moved around a lot because of dads job and I hated starting a new school every time. But we made a lot of new friends and always played outdoors in those days. It was fun to be first to make footprints in newly fallen snow. Also playing at shops was another favourite does anyone remember Hilo bats ?they were all the rage at one time.

    • Born: 1927
    • Location: England
  • Laura de Bruin says:

    As a family we would sit around the big kitchen table listening to the top ten hits and in the winter, the wood stove was on. kettle always on the go, we loved to sing as a family, and when it came to the washing up, us kids never got into a fight re: who would wash, dry or put away, Mum and Dad kept us singing, the washing up was done in no time, with a mixture of song from church, Nat King Cole, O’l Bing, Rosemary Clooney, I could go on, wonderful memories, my sons never believed me, when I said we never fought at washing the dishes, Mum and Dad just kept us busy singing, hahaha! Those were the days my friends.

    • Born: 1943
    • Location: Warnbro, west australia
    • heino ehlers says:

      HI Laura,
      you are so right dose where the day. I am 75y so not too far ahead of you.

      • Born: 1942
      • Location: how in Crafers sa born in germany been here since 1953
  • Linda Weightman says:

    It was in the early 1950’s when Mum and Dad bought a radiogram and we listened to new 78rpm records of Bill Hayley’s ‘Rock around the Clock’, Frankie Vaughan’s Green Door and many more. We also had Classical records too. Then there was the radio with it and we listened to modern music too. That radiogram lasted for many years. Then the 60’s came along and The Beatles-well their 45rpm records played continually. We were often told to turn the music down. The Springfield’s, Seekers and many British bands dominated the radio but the sounds were great and are still good today.

    • Born: 1946
    • Location: Ouyen, Victoria
  • Valerie Barnes says:

    My idol was Deanna Durbin. I learnt to sing all her songs and my mother accompanied me on the piano – by ear. I especially remember:
    ‘I like to climb an apple tree
    But apples green are bad for me
    And I’ll be sick as I can be
    It’s foolish but it’s fun !’

    • Born: 1927
    • Location: Ealing, London
  • linda Weightman says:

    So pleased you are back on line.
    My sister Jeannie & I played with our Teddies & Dolls having many Tea Parties & in the day camping in the garden with Mum’s big clothes horse covered with a white sheet. UK winters seemed long at that age but we passed the time playing Snakes Ladders Tiddly Winks, Draughts & many more indoor games. We also listened to Children’s Hour on the radio. Wonderful memories.

    • Born: 1946
    • Location: Ouyen. Victoria.
    • Robyn says:

      It is great to be back again as it was very frustrating to have the site down for a while.
      I remember playing with Teddies and dolls making up all sort of games. We sometimes made a shop or a library creating money, cards and all sorts of things. I think a lot of the fun was in getting it all ready and making all the bits and pieces for it.
      I learnt to play chinese checkers from my grandparents which was lots of fun and sometimes very competitive when a particular Uncle came to visit. Lots of happy memories.

      • Born: 1940
      • Location: Born in the Forties


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