Cars and Motorcycles

Remember the Cars and Motorcycles you and your family have owned over the years.


Stewart sent me these two wonderful photos and some great information about the photos and his family through the Born in the Fifties website. I thought you might enjoy them.

 The first shows me as a baby in 1953 in front of my dad’s first car, a Morris Minor. The second photo was taken about six years later with the same car, my dad and three brothers. In this photo you get a glimpse of the boys’ fashions, and you will also notice that my brother and I are holding cap pistols which were very popular as one of our favourite games was ‘cowboys & Indians’. The little Morris Minor did a great job for our family as it would often taken all of us (yes, mum, dad & four boys) from Adelaide to Newcastle to visit my grandparents on our annual holidays.



Some more cars you may remember.

Do you remember the first car or motorcycle you owned?

  • It would have been different to the cars and bikes being driven and ridden today.
  • Many of the cars are now very collectable and worth a lot of money.
  • Has anyone thought I should have kept that car as it would be worth a fortune today?
  • Remember the cars with a front bench seat, column shift and no aircon.
  • Did you drive an old bomb for your first car as that was all you could afford.

Do you remember when you first got your drivers licence?

  • How easy was it to get your licence all those years ago?
  • Did you have a written test or was it just a quick drive around the block?
  • Getting a driving licence was?exciting as now you could go places.
  • Where did you got once you could drive and had your own car?
Share your memories of getting a drivers licence and the cars and bikes you have owned over the years.


  • Walter Marty says:

    One of the cars we used to own was a 1960 FB Holden. Some of you oldies may remember its wrap-around screen and tail fins. It also had exactly the same wheel track as the Melbourne tramlines. You had to be very careful not to drop your wheels into the tracks as your steering then became almost useless. When driving through Kew (Melbourne) you would pray that the points were the right way otherwise you’d finish up in the Tram Depot.

    • Born: 1930
    • Location: Brisbane
  • Walter Marty says:

    We owned the Austin A40’s little brother the A30 for a while. Great car but totally unreliable brakes, a combination of hydraulic and stretchy cable as I recall. My wife once side- swiped a brand new Pontiac Parisienne and the sturdy little A30 opened up the Pontiac all the way down one side like a sardine can. Very sad.

    • Born: 1930
    • Location: Brisbane
  • Ron Atkinson says:

    Wow, the great old Austin A40 Devon, well that is what the car pictured above was known as here in Sydney when I had a couple of them in the late ’50s. Boy, they were robust, I think you could put the pistons in sideways and it would still run, and I was able to lay down a smoke screen that would have worked well in war time. I think, if I remember, I only paid about 30 pounds (60 dollars) for it, but that was like a fortune those days. Had many a good memory of those days and the old A40.

    • Born: 1941
    • Location: St Clair, Sydney, AUS
  • C shepherd says:

    Just joined this site . looking forward to looking through it.

    • Born: 1943
    • Location: Manchester. England
    • robyn says:

      Hope you enjoy the Born in the Forties and share some comments on your favourite pages.

      • Born: 1940
      • Location: Born in the Forties


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