Saving Money


Money worries can be a concern as you grow older and saving a little becomes important.

It can be a challenge to live on a fixed income or pension and the value of saving and investment usually do not keep up with inflation.

It is amazing how many different ways there are to help you save a few dollars and stretch the dollars you have a little further.

  • Making a household budget is always a good way to start just to see how much you are spending and where you might save a bit.
  • Looking for specials deals and offers especially those offered to seniors can save you money.
  • Electricity bills keep increasing so looking for ways to reduce usage is important.
  • Simple old fashioned home made cleaning products are cheap and often better for the environment.

Who remembers hearing the old saying “a penny saved is a penny earned” when you were growing up?

Post a comment with all your money saving ideas and chat about what you are doing to reduce costs these days.


  • robyn says:

    It has been a long time since I had been to the Cinema to see a movie and I was surprised at the cost of a ticket when I looked online. My local movie theatre is an Events Cinema and I discovered that you can sign up with them for a Cinebuzz Seniors card at no cost which allows you to buy a ticket for the discounted price of $8-50. It was easy to join online as all I did was fill in my name and email address then print out a barcode which I took to the cinema to get my card. So far I have only received one email since joining 2 weeks ago and it was about the latest releases which is good as I can now see what is coming out.

    It was fun going to the movies again and we both enjoyed seeing Eddie The Eagle which is about a guy how competed in the winter Olympics in Calgary in 1988.

    It was great to find a discount for seniors and if you live near an Events Cinema it is worth having a look at the Cinebuzz Seniors discount.

    I would love to hear of some other discounts people have found especially for seniors.

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  • Walter says:

    A warning to secondary Credit Card holders:- A relative was recently widowed. She had a joint savings account with her deceased husband and was secondary card holder on his credit card account. (apparently there is no such thing as a joint credit card account). On her first visit to her bank after his death, the teller, after sympathising for her loss, cut up her credit card and froze her card account. This left her with no credit card and having to go to the bank to withdraw cash to be able to shop etc. Also a number of direct debits failed and had to be reorganised. It took several weeks for her to get her own credit card due to probate and bank red tape. I have now set up a separate credit card for my beloved wife in case I drop off the perch first.

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    • robyn says:

      I have heard of the same thing happening with a credit card to someone whose partner passed away. A wise move to set up one for your wife just in case as it is never fun to deal with the banks especially when dealing with a deceased estate. We both have a separate credit card for the same reason, less problems when one of us goes.

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