Health and Keeping Fit


Looking after both mind and body as you get older

Exercise and healthy eating

It is often difficult to fit exercise into a busy lifestyle but it is important to stay active as you get older.

  • Exercise can help with mobility, flexibility and balance in older adults.
  • If you find it difficult to stay motivated then try focusing on short-term goals.
  • Eating well is vital to everyone regardless of age.
  • The choices we make with our daily food intake can make an important difference to how we feel.

Exercise for your mind

Keeping the mind active is as important as keeping the body active as you get older.
There are plenty fun of ways to do this like puzzles, reading, hobbies, playing games or learn a new skill. As the old saying goes “use it or lose it” which is often used when referring to the mind as you get older .

The purpose of this page is offer an opportunity for everyone to talk about keeping fit and healthy.

Share your experiences, advice and chat about what you are doing to keep both mind and body healthy. Your comments may motivate and inspire someone to get a little healthier.


  • Inez says:

    I am wondering why today we have so many people and children who suffer from a mental illness have I been missing something all my life and not hearing about it so much , but so many children now have some problem to the stage where it is quoted 1-4 children suffer, and now the schools are looking at building extra rooms to employ phsychiatrist to treat the students

    • Born: 1943
    • Location: Murray Bridge
    • heino ehlers says:

      well I do not know we have 2 grandsons who is having I think a lot is drink and drugs that in something we kept in moderation and I also think there is I lot more pressure to perform in a lot of ways, with us life was simple (the good days) well keep healthy. Heino

      • Born: 1942
      • Location: germany now crafers west
  • robyn says:


    Dementia and Alzheimer’s is something that affects many people especially when they are getting older and it is topic many find difficult to talk about.

    If you are looking for some information on Dementia and Alzheimer’s I suggest you take a look at the Alzheimer’s Australia website.

    The link above is to the resources page where you will find
    Help Sheets
    Links to useful Websites
    and lots more.

    If you need some information it is a good place to start.

    • Born: other
    • Location: Born in the Forties
  • robyn says:

    Spring clean your health.

    I was thinking the other day that the beginning of Spring is a good time to look at my health and do a bit of a spring clean. I have not been spending a lot of time outside over the last couple of months as I do not like the cold weather. I think it is time to get a little more active now the weather is starting to warm up. I enjoy working in my garden so I have decided make sure I spend a couple of hours each week working in the garden. For me it is a great way to exercise both the mind and body while doing something I love.

    I would love to hear your ideas on ways to get some exercise without going to a gym.

    • Born: 1940
    • Location: Born in the Forties
  • robyn says:

    I recently bought a book of puzzles and rediscovered the fun of sitting down with a cup of tea on the patio doing a puzzle. I often do puzzles like crosswords and sudoku on the computer which is great but it is also relaxing to spend time outside with a book and pen. It reminds me of all the puzzles I have done over the years sitting on the bus going to and from work.
    A good way to keep the brain active and relaxing always helps reduce stress levels.

    • Born: 1940
    • Location: Born in the Forties


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