Music, Movies and Books


  • listening to vinyl records and music on your transistor radio.
  • the fun of going to the movies on a Saturday afternoon.
  • watching movies in black and white then colour on the TV.
  • the books you loved reading over the years.



On my travels recently I saw this lovely old weatherboard theatre in a country town which reminded me of going to the Saturday matinee. The theatre I went to growing up was different to this one but the name reminded me of picture theatres from the era. I remember going to see The Sound of Music at the local theatre on a Saturday afternoon.

If this reminds you of going to the movies growing up share those memories in a comment on this page.

On this page we invite you to share your memories of the movies you enjoyed watching, music you loved to listen to and the books you have enjoyed reading.

Tell us what type of music you love listening to today.

I look forward to hearing from you and reading the comments you post on this page.



  • heino ehlers says:

    hi my name is Heino, yes I was born in Germany but have here since 1953 and love it.
    I listen to 88.7 in Adelaide this is a very good station that plays the old songs

    • Born: 1942
    • Location: crafers w SA
  • Walter says:

    Some time ago a retired muso/entertainer moved into our retirement village. He managed to extract a number of talented musicians from the woodwork. Most of these had previously kept to themselves and said they weren’t good enough to play “in public”. I myself play blues piano privately, self-taught and not very well, but have found that other people seem to like listening. We now have a small group, piano, bass and drums we call the Grumpy Grandpas.
    We now have a monthly “Sunday Melodies” with performers ranging from concert pianists to barbershop quartets and country/western entertaining a full house.
    It just takes an enthusiastic organiser !

    • Born: 1930
    • Location: Brisbane
    • robyn says:

      It sounds like lots of fun and I love the name Grumpy Grandpas. The monthly Sunday Melodies must bring a lot of pleasure to the residents and performers. It would be interesting listening to all the different types of music.
      What a wonderful way to share your love of music.

      • Born: other
      • Location: Born in the Forties
  • Ron Atkinson says:

    Anybody looking to purchase MP3 music, there is a good site which sells music for only 15 cents per track. I use it a lot and found it good.

    • Born: 1941
    • Location: St Clair, Sydney, AUS
  • robyn says:

    I came across a John Wayne DVD at a garage sale recently which I did not have so for $2 I quickly bought it to add to my collection. The DVD was She Wore A Yellow Ribbon which was a western from 1949. It is always interesting to watch the old movies to see how movies making has changed over the years. Watching something like this always reminds me of the westerns I loved watching as a kid either as a movie or TV series.
    Does anyone else enjoy watching some of the old western movies? Do you have any favourite old western movies or movies stars?

    • Born: 1940
    • Location: Born in the Forties
  • Robyn says:

    I love listening to 4KQ Brisbane as that is my local radio station that plays all the music I love to hear. It is great with the internet now that you can listening to other radio stations and not just the local ones. I was listening to a radio station in America the other day and it was interesting to hear all the ads between the music and the local traffic report as it was morning over there.

    • Born: 1940
    • Location: Born in the Forties
  • Don Morgan says:

    Love listening to 2CH sydney radio they play our kind of music

    • Born: 1946
    • Location: Albury NSW
    • Ron Atkinson says:

      I agree, 2CH 1170 is a great sydney station, great DJ’s like Bob Rogers, Gareth McRae and Mardi Cole. I just love their 9 O’Clock specials.

      • Born: 1941
      • Location: St Clair, Sydney, AUS


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