Hobbies and Interests

Remember the thrill of opening the new cereal box to find what was inside. The photos below are Train cards that originally came in a box of Weetbix.

The cards bring back some childhood memories of collecting things like cards from cereal boxes, swap card and stamps.


What are your hobbies and interests?

These are activities you do for fun in your spare time or retirement.

  • Some hobbies can be expensive to pursue but if it is something you enjoy then it is worth it.
  • Over the years there may have been a number of hobbies you have enjoyed or just the one.
  • Are there any hobbies and interest you would like to try when you retire?
  • Social and community groups are a great way to follow your interests and become involved in the local community.

You are never to old to learn something new or join a new group.

Post a comment talking about your hobbies and interests.

If you have found something you really enjoy tell everyone about it and why it is great.
Someone with a similar interest may respond to your post and talk about their interest in the hobby as well. Your post might encourage someone to begin a new hobby or interest.
Talk about any social or community groups you belong to.

Share your hobbies and interests as it is always interesting to read about all the different things people enjoy doing.


  • Ron Atkinson says:

    Hello Robyn and all, Sorry I do not enjoy your gardening hobby, For me it is OK if I can run a lawnmower over it. I have brown thumbs and tend to keep them that way. My hobby and passion is Photography, I teach photography at Computer Pals Doonside, I am at present developing a Photography for the Beginners course with U3A Online. I am a member of Blacktown City Photographic Club and qualified by the FCC (Federation of Camera Clubs) as a photographic judge to judge photographic competitions and exhibitions. I would be only too glad to answer anybodies questions on photography.

    • Born: 1941
    • Location: St Clair, Sydney, AUS
    • robyn says:

      Hello Ron. My husband also has brown thumbs and is happy to mow the lawn but stay out of the garden which works well for us. Your hobby and passion of Photography is keeping you very busy and sounds very interesting.
      I appreciate you offer to answer any questions on photography and hope people take you up on the offer.
      Thanks Robyn

      • Born: 1940
      • Location: Born in the Forties
  • robyn says:

    I am interested in hearing about the different hobbies everyone enjoys as well as the various interest you have like clubs you belong to, volunteering and other activities you are involved in.

    What clubs do you belong to and would you recommend other join a similar club?

    Share your thoughts as it is great to hear about what everyone is doing.

    • Born: 1940
    • Location: Born in the Forties
  • robyn says:

    I enjoy getting out in the garden and spending time creating my garden. There is lots to do as we are on a very large block and only moved here about a year ago with not much garden at all. I love a challenge and it is a wonderful way to get some exercise. My daughter is starting to get interested in the garden so it is great to share something I love with her.

    • Born: 1940
    • Location: Born in the Forties


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