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If you are born in the 1940s, 1930s or 1920s this website is for you.

It is not just for people living in Australia as that is where we are located but for everyone born in these decades.

Join in the fun of BORN IN THE FORTIES, read through the pages and post some comments.

This was a time when…
  • children played with all the other kids in the street only coming home when it was dark.
  • cars did not have seat belts and most families only owned one.
  • sixpence would buy a big bag of lollies from the corner milk bar.
  • TV was new and exciting and not everyone had a set.

What will you find on Born in the Forties and the younger years before?

Lots of different pages relating to life today and great childhood memories.
  • Take a Stroll Down Memory Lane or enjoy some memories on Memory of the Month.
  • Working or Retired – talk about what’s happening today.
  • Feeling Grumpy – a great page to have your say.
  • Coffee Shop – pick a topic and start chatting.
  • Travel – where in the world have you been.
  • Sudoku and Crossword puzzles change each day to give you a new challenge.
  • Noticeboard – an opportunity to tell everyone about an event happening in your local area.

We hope you enjoy Born in the Forties and visit often.

Our names are Robyn and Jeff. We created and look after the website for you.